Is your website optimized for Voice Searches?

How important is voice search in today’s context?

Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa. These voice search technologies are changing the way searches are performed on internet. It is predicted that by the year 2020, most of the search will be made with this amazing technology.

With the assistance of voice search technology, users are able to search for local business services from their smartphone and online purchase using voice search is becoming big in eCommerce world as well. Making purchases or booking tickets has become incredibly easier with the voice search option.

It is also a known fact that voice search on mobile is basically local-based and presents a great opportunity for all the local businesses. So it is very critical for your business to be optimized for these voice searches.

One of the great things about voice search is that there is no limit to what users can speak. Speaking 100-200 words in a minute seems possible however on text users are just able to type 40-50 words in a minute. So, voice search seems to be a very attractive and appealing option for people. With voice search, the entire experience of the users on the internet has changed drastically and for the best.

Is your website optimized for these voice searches?

optimize your website for voice search

How to optimize your website for voice search?

Here are some essential tips for making your website optimized for voice search

Use Natural Tone Instead of Keywords: In case of voice searches, the word count does seem to be a bit longer than other searches. Try to answer questions by understanding search intent and revise your content accordingly. So, keeping a natural language for the text would be a good idea. This is how users speak on the phone.

Local Online Listings: For local businesses, Google my business listing, Bing Places for business listings along with other local directory listings are really important in the revolution of voice search. Also, having voice search assistants like Google and Siri has a clear preference for local businesses to pop up in search results with a well-optimized listing in Google my business and Bing places for business.

Content Is King: For users these days, voice search is the best and most convenient tool to find any information using their smartphones and voice assistant devices. Hence, creating some local-related content for businesses that answers these voice search questions help them in coming up for the search results in voice search. There has been a 130% increase in the Google ‘near me’ searches. People search for nearby places on mobile phones these days, take advantage of this by updating your website.