5 Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Field Service Businesses

The field service industry has seen great benefits from mobile tech development in the past decade. Complementary to their management software, mobile apps have given businesses great competitive advantages improving the way they do business and have also become instrumental in delivering much better service than it was possible before.

Here are 5 benefits of mobile apps for field service businesses.

1. Improved Connectivity

Using a mobile app allows everyone on the team to be connected. It makes it quicker and easier for dispatchers, technicians, and managers to get in touch with each other and share information with one another. This level of connectivity allows the business to serve more customers more efficiently.

2. Faster Communication

Communication between headquarters and the field technicians are improved when using mobile apps. Information is shared back and forth seamlessly in real time and without errors due to illegible handwriting or forgetfulness. Dispatchers back at the office always know the technician’s location and availability, so last minute jobs or changes in work schedules are not a problem as technicians can be notified immediately.

3. Better Data Management

Gathering information with pen and paper is prone to errors and documents can get lost or filed away. With a mobile app, important data like customer information or billing is updated and stored in real time. Day-to-day operations are also recorded in real time, generating statistics and valuable data for managers to make better business decisions.

4. Efficient Billing and Payroll

Efficiencies in billing and payroll are easily created as well. As mentioned above, with a mobile app, businesses can eliminate hours of work by recording work hours and generating invoices automatically. This reduces manual labor, speeds up billing and payroll and allows the business to use their technicians more profitably.

5. Automatically Increase Sales Force

With the right mobile app, technicians and other representatives can have quick access to information about products and services. So, when a customer wants information about something, it will be right there in the app. A simple inquiry can easily turn into a sale.

There are plenty of mobile apps out there. But remember every business is unique.  With its own way of doing business, its own processes, and needs. A generic solution will not take any of that into consideration and you will end up doing things just like everyone else.

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