Benefits of the Magento Platform for your eCommerce Website

Magento’s website boasts that over 240,000 eCommerce stores use various versions of this software to conduct business online. This number really becomes impressive when you consider how this software compares to its major competitors.

These are some basic statistics about Magento’s popularity from

  • Added together, both Magento and Magento Enterprise run one in five of all online shops on the global Internet.
  • Basic Magento, also called the Community Edition, leads all other solutions with a 13 percent share of the global market.
  • The Enterprise Edition has a seven percent share of the worldwide market and still ties for second place in popularity all against recognized competitors like WooCommerce and Shopify.

3 Big Benefits of Using Magento
To understand the growing popularity of the Magento platform with everybody from people running small hobby shops on their kitchen tables to executives in the corporate offices of big brands, it might help to explore some of the benefits that this software offers users.

1. Choice of Platform
The Community Edition offers a free download that users can host on their own Ecommerce website. This solution works out of the box and is also very scalable and customizable. Many small businesses have grown into large companies without having to change platforms. Large companies and those that hope to be big companies soon might consider the Enterprise Edition. This premium solution lets users enjoy extra capabilities right out of the box but can also be improved with modifications and extensions.

2. Open Source Code
Unlike most software providers, Magento allows developers to see and modify the base code. This means that users never get stuck with a platform that doesn’t do exactly what they want it to do. The open code and thousands of extensions also mean that every Magento site can be unique in both appearance and functionality

3. Integration With Other Software
Companies need online stores to display their wares. However, they also need to market, ship products, provide customer service, and get paid. Magento can integrate with third-party merchant gateways, email systems, and several shipping services. A few examples of these third-party services include PayPal, U.S.P.S., and MailChimp.

Magento is the #1 Online Store Solution
Magento’s popularity might be explained by the fact that the company has produced a high-quality, open-source product that works out of the box but can be endlessly customized. While it may not be possible to imagine exactly where your company will be in the next year or the next decade, Magento can likely keep up with you. As Magento web developers and designers, we have helped many businesses tailor this popular eCommerce platform to look and perform exactly as they desired. Contact us right away to let us show you how Argos Infotech and Magento can help you increase sales and become more efficient.