Dallas Becoming The Next Silicon Valley Fast

Among major tech hubs in the US, Dallas is emerging as the new center of IT innovation and technology development. Monikered as the next ‘Silicon Valley’ by Forbes and other top publications, this city is growing with multidimensional aspects of business and technology research. Legacy industries like web and mobile application development and software development formed the core of the IT enterprise ecosystem of the city. Apart from Fortune 500 companies flocking to Dallas, enterprise tech traits grew faster in the last decade.

Forbes found out, that fast-growing VC-funded startups, higher rate of job creation, and comparatively lower real estate costs are backing up Dallas Metropolitan as one of the top hi-tech cities in the country. The growing business landscape of the city has been fuel to its IT development sector. Meanwhile, the demand for software services such as web and mobile application development rendered a strong growth of traditional IT services startups and enterprise ecosystems in the city.

There are several reasons web development services have transformed as a sector with phenomenal growth. First, due to the lower cost of living, the city has been draining quality human resources from all over the globe. It is now the ninth most populous city in the US, being among the top ten fastest-growing cities in the country for a couple of years, both in terms of area and population. With more than 60% of the population under working age, Dallas is an emerging talent pool of professionals in the US.

Second, local enterprises prefer Dallas-based web development companies for ease of in-person communication. Several startups have grown with groundbreaking design and development elements as their USPs. This trait is contributing equally towards transforming Dallas to the next Silicon Valley.

Third is the competitive cost of web and mobile development in Dallas. Due to demand, the supply of services has also increased. Service seekers always have a good number of options to invest or buy. There has been constructive competition among Dallas web and mobile development firms and companies pushing innovation and quality higher, but at the same time, pulling down the cost of development.

The pivotal location of business and technology has been always changing with time. Silicon Valley is becoming notorious for its high cost of enterprise setup and overstuffing of business. Dallas, being in a favorable location and with incredible amenities, is offering a lucrative alternative to IT enterprises to switch from their priorities in Silicon Valley. While conventional technology enterprises set the tone of startup and enterprise culture in Dallas, emerging technology companies are setting the next revamp to transform the city into the next Silicon Valley.