How can you make the most out of your software?

In the era of digitization, most businesses have moved on to create better relationships with their customers. Whether it is with their excellent customer service or with the power of an impressive user interface on their software, the experience stays in demand.

So, what can businesses do to ensure that the end customer is satisfied? The answer is quite simple. Befriend your software! If you wish to scale your business in the long run, you must stay as close to the software development company as possible!

What makes your software developer ideal? 

Gone are the days when software development services were just provided by large names in the market. Today, there are many companies providing custom software development services that will suit your needs. However, how can you judge that they’re perfectly suited for you? Read ahead as we tell you more. 

1. Experience 

A software development company without a good background is probably not what you should be going for. Analyse the projects they’ve previously completed and consult with their team of experts. If the custom software development company’s skillsets match your preferred software goals, you can choose to move ahead. We would also suggest that you look at the technologies they’ve worked on. 

2. Compliance with needs 

When you go to a software development company, you should keep in mind a few questions. Are they capable enough to understand your brand and its vision? Do they understand your requirements and the solution needed? If the answer is yes, you must go for them! 

3. Budget 

Do the custom software development services provided by the company fit in your budget? Without a doubt, software development takes up a lot of budget if you’d like to get something designed perfectly. After letting the custom software development company know your requirements, take a budget estimate. Discuss internally with your finance team before finalizing. 

4. Time 

Time is money. Especially when you’re getting software built. Most software development companies charge on an hourly basis. Get an understanding of the time it would take to fully create the software. Will the company be able to deliver everything timely? What is their general response time? How long do they take to make changes if needed? All of this is crucial to know. 

5. Knowledge

Having adequate knowledge of the software industry is important. However, what is more important is if the company understands basic business principles. For a development company to provide the best software development services, it should also know how business works. If you wish to grow with the team, you must also assess this highly crucial point. 

Why should you make software your friend? 

Pretty much like our friends in life, the software can also help you grow. The following are the key advantages of befriending your software developer:- 

1. They understand you better 

Maintaining a good relationship with your software development team will take you a long way. Not only will they know exactly what you need, but they will also go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied. Once they understand your needs, the software development experts will create something extraordinary. 

2. The final result is better 

The more friendly you are with your software developer, the software will also be equally friendly. As mentioned above, customer satisfaction is key. Once your developer understands what you need, they will make sure that your customers are satisfied. Above all, communication will be more effective. 

3. Scaling up 

Don’t just befriend your software developer or the custom software development company, you can make them your business partner. Software development needs are unlimited and once you establish a good relationship, you can use the team effectively. As you grow, so will your team. 

How to know if your software will scale? 

The best way to understand if your software will scale is to analyse them based on the top metrics in software development. They are:- 

  • Customer Satisfaction 

The number of customers satisfied and the amount of satisfaction can be calculated with the NPS or Net Promoter Score. This metric determines how likely is your end customer to recommend your software to their contacts. It is a scale that ranges from -100 to +100. -100 implies that your customer will never recommend you and +100 means that all of them will suggest your software to others. 

  • Release Burndown 

This is a metric that lets you understand the status of development, how the work is progressing and the entire timeline of it. Usually, a software development company completes the work in “sprints”. The Release Burndown chart calculates the final work based on those sprints. 

  • Errors and Defects 

Once the software is in production, this metric determines the number of errors and bugs that were detected and resolved. It denotes the quality of the software developed by the team. If there aren’t any errors or if the bugs have reduced over time, your software will most likely scale up. 

  • Test Coverage 

Before any software is fully ready, it undergoes several tests like unit, UI automation, integration, manual tests, and more. The test coverage metric tells you how much of the codebase has undergone these tests. The full coverage would include testing on all types.

If you’re looking for a custom software development company that will not only help you with the perfect product but will also help you grow, you’re at the right place. We understand the importance of perfectly developed software and how it helps companies reach their goals. Our team of experts believes in providing only the best experience to you and your customers. 

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