How Marketers Can Utilize Sitefinity to Create Growth Opportunities

As a marketer in the age of digital experiences, you will spend most of your time working within the CMS of your websites strategizing growth. In a battle for driving users to your website and increasing conversions, you are more likely to spend most of your days creating content, designs and building user-friendly web pages. Therefore, having a CMS with tools and features to drive your marketing needs is essential for your business.

A recent survey conducted by Web Tech Survey concluded that 24,000+ websites over the internet use Sitefinity, which is close to 0.7% of its market share. It also mentioned that 2352 websites had newly adopted the Sitefinity CMS.

Sitefinity CMS development is often used with JavaScript, UTF-8, IIS, ASP.NET, Azure for maximum leverage. The top 10 features of Sitefinity loved by marketers are listed below:

1- Website content creation and management

If you think content is limited to text, images, and videos, Sitefinity CMS is way beyond that. It enables you to create Lists, Events, News, and Forums to name a few. Make sure that you spend enough time to explore the “Content” menu in the back-end.

In addition, Sitefinity makes organization and categorization of your content using libraries, sub-libraries, and content tagging. If you have a secure website that allows the user to sign-up to peruse content, you can configure specific user permissions for all the users at any level.

2- Webpage builders

As great content is vital in digital marketing, it is imperative to have an efficient CMS in place. It will help you create and publish content easily. Sitefinity’s intuitive content creation features such as drag-and-drop layouts, form builders and simple editing free you from the hustle of coding. It also offers customizable widgets that help marketers to spin up pages quickly without a developer.

3- Built-in MVC widgets

After you organize your content, it’s time to have better control over it!

MVC widgets are one of the most exciting features of Sitefinity. These are simple drag-and-drop controls that make content management even easier. You can find the widgets on the right of the page template you are editing.

One of the most popular widgets, the “Content block” is your WYSIWYG editor found in various CMS tools. Marketers generally use this tool to add text and hyperlinks but you can also use it to manage the images you want to embed with your text.

Apart from the “Image” widget, which is pretty self-explanatory, try out the “Image Gallery” widget, which gives you even better controls. Not to mention, do not forget to use the “Edit” feature for widgets and see what more you can do.

4- Content sharing

After you reorganize your content with widgets, it’s time to share it across multiple pages.

Most of the widgets allow you to share the content. Once shared, you can see it under the “Content blocks” area.

You can also edit and reuse the shared content. Just change it within the dashboard and it will be updated on all the pages automatically. Can’t get any better for an organization that’s actively involved in content updations.

5- Page duplication

This is another exciting feature of Sitefinity CMS website development. Imagine duplicating your awesome pages in a jiffy! It’s a simple, yet powerful feature offered by Sitefinity that can save hours. Once duplicated, you can simply tweak the content and see an all-new page on the screen in a few minutes.

In addition, you can use Sitefinity insights to create personalized experiences based on the actions taken by past visitors.

6- Managing workflows and publishing content

Considering “Content is king”, it is imperative to feed your visitors with great content. Make sure that the content that goes live is passed through an approval process.

Chances are that multiple users in your marketing team would be working on a single project. With Sitefinity website development services, you can bring the marketing team together and streamline workflows. When it comes to reviewing and publishing the content on a website, your content writers must send the completed document for approval.

The Sitesync tool offered by Sitefinity is used for pushing content from the development or content creation teams to the live environment. It creates multiple environments for testing and reviewing content before publishing it.

With Sitesync, you can focus on updating one environment and publish the content at the simple click of a button.

7- SEO management

SEO page titles, headings, subheadings, descriptions, and alt tags are standard offerings of a CMS platform. Sitefinity CMS enables you to edit these on-page elements in the editor or page settings.

Another important feature offered by Sitefinity is “Sitemaps”. It automatically generates sitemaps and submits it to Google and Bing. It also allows you to manage redirects and canonical URLs.

8- Multiple website management

With the recent complexities in digital marketing, marketers already have plenty on their plates. Besides, managing multiple websites on multiple systems can further multiply the problems, reducing the overall productivity.

Sitefinity’s multi-site management features enable marketers to manage multiple sites from one CMS making their life a lot easier. This feature is useful for enterprise businesses and organizations with complex business structures. It’s also useful for companies that manage multiple brands with different websites and configurations for each of them.

9- Lead generation and conversion

No content management system is capable of generating leads on its own. As a marketer, you must select a CMS that is equipped with all the tools and integration capabilities for qualified lead generation. Also, make sure that your CRM tool works well with your CMS to deliver a seamless experience.

Sitefinity offers built-in tools to integrate with HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more.

10- Content translation

This feature breaks down the language barrier between the marketers and the target audience. You can easily integrate Sitefinity with a translation service and translate the content into the desired language and manage multilingual sites.

Sitefinity CMS can be the surest way to improve your website’s performance. Its attractive and simple interface will give you the ability to easily meet your commercial and marketing objectives.