How Sitefinity CMS Website Development Helps Your Online Identity

Everything in the digital world revolves around content. If it is a product, it needs a good description and high-quality content. If you are offering online services, you need more visibility which eventually means good, high-quality content. If you want to reach out to people and get brand awareness, good content is what you need.

However, just having good content does not ensure your success in your respective task. With the increasing need for content, managing such huge volumes of content has also become a cumbersome process. This is where Content Management Systems come into the picture.

Content management systems have been a highlight for the world of the Internet lately and Sitefinity is one of the best CMS. Sitefinity CMS is generally used to create, store, manage, and present your content on the website. Being multilingual, Sitefinity is used to manage multiple sites and reach out to a tremendous number of people easily.

Just managing the content is not what Sitefinity is all about. Sitefinity is a very powerful CMS that provides several services that can be used to build a digital identity. In today’s world, nothing gives you more visibility and more business than having a well-established online identity. Mentioned below are a few of the critical features that can be leveraged in your Sitefinity CMS to enhance your digital presence through your online identity.

Marketing Tools

Sitefinity offers several marketing tools to help you in reaching out to a wider audience. After the successful release of your website on Sitefinity, you can leverage the marketing tools of Sitefinity such as the personalization module which helps you in bifurcating the content based on the different types of audience and then easily serve that content to the target audience. There is also an email campaign module to easily manage your newsletters which are a crucial part of marketing. Moreover, there is Sitefinity analytics that helps you monitor the traffic on your website and other activities.


A siloed network can be successful only for so long. Therefore, Sitefinity allows you to integrate with other platforms with several synchronization options. For instance, you can synchronize your data between Sitefinity CMS servers, SharePoint sites, cloud storage, SalesForce, and Marketo.

Furthermore, once a website is successfully deployed and optimized on the Sitefinity platform, you can also start various online campaigns to get more traffic. This plays a crucial role in enhancing your digital reach and build up your digital identity.

Just sending random emails is not going to build your brand. You need effective customer engagement through well-maintained content. You need detailed analytics to clearly define and optimize your strategies, and much more. Fortunately, if you are using Sitefinity CMS, most of these tools are available to you on the platform itself. Let’s have a look at some of the features available on the Sitefinity CMS platform to build your online identity.

Online Campaigns

The Sitefinity CMS platform allows you to not only create but even execute effective marketing strategies. Creating campaign sites and micro-sites has become extremely easy for marketers, thanks to the Sitefinity CMS. Events, promotions, and the launch of new products can be easily carried out on these websites. For the corporate world targeting a B2B segment, they can create a blog to showcase their expertise. Engagement can be further enhanced by the inclusion of certain elements such as questionnaires and quizzes.


Sitefinity helps in analyzing the progress of any campaign being done on the Sitefinity CMS. A prominent synergy of Google Analytics and Stifinity’s user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to track the progress of various campaigns and identify which technique is more effective in building your digital identity. Sitefinity’s analysis tool gives you insights into the traffic, visitor profiles, time spent on the website, engagement, and much more.

Better Lead Generation

Information is the key. With Sitefinity’s new and advanced form module, you can easily collect data from the customers such as their age, and then turn this data into information to determine your audience base and target the audience based on such analytics.

This helps you define the type of content with a specific readability index to target that particular segment of the audience. Above all, these forms can be built using a flexible form builder which allows the creation of custom registrations and survey without the need of a technical person.

Better Engagement

Personalized messages play a vital role in enhancing customer engagement and better engagement leads to loyal customers. Sitefinity offers a newsletter module that accommodates the creation of personalized email campaigns.


It is no secret that customers trust a brand if it is in their mother tongue. They feel more comfortable engaging with content in their mother tongue. Therefore, Sitefinity website development allows the integration of multiple languages. With this module, you can easily create and maintain your content in multiple languages.

SEO Tools

Last but not least, SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in getting your content to the desired audience. Based on keyword research and audience interest, SEO ensures that a person looking for your services comes to your website and gets your services. SEO is extremely important and complex to implement. But, with Sitefinity’s integrated SEO tools, enhanced visibility and better search results are a piece of cake.


Sitefinity is a powerful platform. If used in the right way, Sitefinity can build your online identity in such a way that your community recognizes you as a leader in a particular space. It gives you the visibility and credibility that you deserve. All you need is to get acquainted with the various Sitefinity tools and use them in the right