How to defeat failure and turn it into success as a software developer?

There is always some obstacle when you are trying something new for the first time. A software developer can relate to it very well and know that failure is unavoidable when they are dealing with a problem. As the experience is new and the idea is abstract, it is natural to face a problem when you are trying to develop a concept. You may get interrupted or suddenly realize that you have no idea how to go any further for the solutions or sometimes you don’t get the expected result of a problem.

But every mistake or failure teaches us something new, it is a trial and error chain that goes on until you gain success. However, the main concern is giving up and stop trying. Some may feel frustrated and pressured after several failed attempts and don’t want to seek the solution. But it is important to stay motivated and never give up on the challenge. This is the key to becoming an efficient software developer.

And lucky for you, you have landed the right place as this article discusses some of the strategies that will help you in turning your mistake into an achievement.

#1 Feel free to make mistakes and take risks

In a team, it is not important how smart or intelligent you are. It is important to maintain a work environment where all the team members feel psychologically secure. If there is positive reinforcement instigating you, then naturally everyone will push themselves beyond their limits. Research has shown that the lack of encouragement and motivation is responsible for making a team insecure and not ready to take any risk anymore.

Solution: Now once you know the problem it is time to find the solution. How can you enforce a positive environment? Or what should be your behaviour if one of your teammates makes a mistake?

The answer is in case a teammate comes to you after making a huge mistake, try not to rebuke him or discourage him for his mistake. Instead, you can try to understand the root of the problem and come up with a way to fix it together. This kind of behaviour will encourage others to communicate whenever they have an issue and they will feel more secure to open up.

#2 Identify your problems and keep a record

Whenever you face any issue, take that situation as an opportunity to learn. To get a  smooth software development service it is important to identify the problem. Although it is not that easy to spot the problem, the faster you track it the better will be your code quality.

The most common form of issue a software developer faces are bugs. Tracking and fixing bugs will help you develop your skill and will teach you to learn from your mistakes. It is also important to keep a record of the bugs you have already fixed. In that way, you can remember the way you have fixed the problem and use that as a reference to your future issues.

Solution: Keep your bugs recorded in a separate file or spreadsheet. This way you can easily find the data when you need to solve an issue. You can use this information as a reference to resolve your problem more quickly and efficiently.

#3 Learn from your mistakes

There is no age limit for learning, we learn something new every day in our life. So you must keep learning from your mistakes. There will be plenty of obstacles in your way when you explore a new idea. But you must learn something from every mistake you make.

Also, a good way of gathering experience is taking lessons from the mistakes others make around you. Observe the learning graph of your college and find out what is the cause of the problem and what is the thing that can be done differently to avoid the mistake.

Solution: Try to keep an eye on the other big software developer company news. Analyze the mistakes they make that lead to failure. So that you can avoid that in the future and do things differently.

#4 Prepare yourself for failures

Success is not something that you get overnight. It takes constant trial and effort for a software developer to get things right. In that process, you may fail to achieve and this is normal, but some things are not always in your hand.

If you can’t succeed, you mustn’t blame yourself and start comparing yourself to others who seemed to be better than you. Just remember success and failure is part of life but it is more important to keep trying to better yourself and learn something from this situation.

Solution: You can keep track of a journal where you jot down the good things that happened to you in your workspace. This way you will be reminded of the good times and you will stay motivated during a hard time.

#5 Plan for the long run

Being a software developer is a challenging job, it is never predictable and you cannot be sure how things will turn up. It is important that you have a vision that is long term and you are willing to work for it. There are so many factors related to coding that you cannot anticipate beforehand and being a developer you have to constantly work on fixing these issues. Even if you have a clear theory about what you want it is not always easy to put that theory into action. So you need to prepare yourself for long term plans.

Solution: Don’t back out from thinking big, it is only natural that a big idea needs time to be executed. Plan your future goals and start working to achieve them. Once you are clear about your vision you have to work every day to get closer to it. Always think of the result you will get after all this hard work to stay motivated.

In this whole article, taking chances is the one thing that is highlighted. Even if you fail to succeed, taking chances is important. Taking up challenges gives you the liberty to grow and nurture your qualities. So however hard you fail, you must stand again and try again.