Major Benefits of Using ASP.NET Development Framework for Your Startup
advantages of asp net

Startups have become the definition of innovation in the 21st century. In every sector, startups have made an impeccable impact through their revolutionary ideas and a lot of hard work. However, the growth and survival of a startup have not been easy considering the fierce competition in the market.

Especially in the IT sector, startups face numerous challenges before they can taste true success. Apart from the competition, competing with established and reputed organizations is one of the biggest challenges. Meeting the expectations of the clients and pertaining to the industry standards is a common dilemma for a startup. These factors influence the reputation of the startup in the market which eventually affects its business.This is where ASP.Net saves the day.

Advantages of ASP Net ASP Net Development Service

Being one of the best programming languages in the world, Dot Net allows seamless development of web applications, web solutions, and web pages. ASP.Net is an open-source server developed by Microsoft where all the necessary tools are available for a startup to complete the development more effectively.

The framework is written in the Dot Net language and it supports development using other languages such as JavaScript.NET, Perl, Python, and Visual Basic. NET.

Every startup has to deal with the development of web applications and web solutions no matter what they offer. Therefore, having ASP.Net in their arsenal can prove to be the Midas touch that they need. This is why incorporating ASP.Net development can of great benefit to a startup in 2021.

Before getting into the potential benefits of becoming an ASP.Net development company, let us have a look at a few facts representing the popularity of ASP.Net development services.

  • 2nd most popular on the Entire Internet in the Frameworks category.
  • 2nd most popular in the Top 10k sites in the Frameworks category.
  • The most popular in the United States is in the Frameworks category.
  • Most widely used(28.1%) web programming language for secure website development.

Moreover, the ASP.NET architecture carries out a consistent, scalable, and reliable environment to develop powerful web applications.

Coming to the reasons how ASP.Net can benefit a startup in 2021:

1.   Reliability

One of the most prominent characteristics that a startup looks for when choosing a development framework is reliability. ASP.Net shines bright in this area. Especially for commercial applications, it is regarded as one of the most robust frameworks.

The most astonishing quality of ASP.Net is to accommodate rapid changes that allow seamless evolution of your application. This is the main reason why companies of all sizes prefer using ASP.Net development services and why your startup needs to become or be in contact with an ASP.Net development company in 2021.

2.   Interoperability

Interoperability is the deciding factor when choosing a suitable framework for your application. Considering the rapidly increasing demand for IoT-enabled applications, every startup needs to be connected with an ASP.Net development company simply because ASP.Net provides the best interoperability with IoT.

The reason behind this unprecedented interoperability is that Microsoft released multiple editions of IoT in 2018. These editions have remarkably improved the development experience when it comes to developing IoT related applications with ASP.Net. Speed, security, and reliability are just a few byproducts of the interoperability of ASP.Net with IoT.

3.   Security

ASP.Net is certainly the first name that comes to mind when thinking about a secured framework for development. Even governments have prioritized ASP.Net for their applications over the years. One prominent example is the Passport Seva website in India. The use of the ASP.Net framework in the website development of Passport Seva has proved to be very beneficial considering the performance of the website even with high traffic.

The security of the ASP.Net framework can be seen in the website as well as mobile applications which makes it one of the best candidates for a complete suite of applications. Further integration of ASP.Net with web APIs like Azure Document DB makes it suitable for the finance and education sectors.