Sitefinity CMS: The Perfect Website and Digital Marketing Platform

There are numerous facets, which need to be considered when it comes to single out the most relevant CMS for your website. If you’re a newbie in this world of CMS (Content Management System), it will be an arduous task to get the picture of odds and ends of CMS. But, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a mere definition, CMS acts as a helping hand for the non-techies who rely on web developers to make or update changes in their website.

In today’s world, there is a presence of 1,271,921,930 websites worldwide, and you will be awestruck to know, nearly half of them are acquiring help from CMS. Now, there is an array of CMS available ready to be commenced at the touch of a button. The availability of these broad assortment of platforms makes it bewildering to reach a conclusion when deciding what fits your website the most. To make your job as easy as falling off a log, Sitefinity comes into the frame.


Sitefinity was introduced in 2002, and earlier it was identified as “RedDesigner Control.” It was renamed in 2005 as ‘Sitefinity’ and since then it has been making a significant impact on the industry. Talking about 2020, it accounts for numerous websites of reputed companies being one of the most reliable and widely used content management systems available at the moment. Realizing, enormous companies such as Mercedes and Coca Cola seeking help from Sitefinity, there must be something peculiar about it. Sitefinity offers a line-up of fruitful features that are bit advanced and nowhere to be found in other platforms.


It is noteworthy that the digital footprint of every person is growing at a fast pace. As a professional marketer, it is exceedingly vital to communicate with your targeted audience at the right time through appropriate channels. It is vital to amalgamate in your marketing efforts with a more customer-centric concept.

Under the aegis of advanced marketing features of Sitefinity CMS, you will be easily able to identify the key characteristics of the audience, which assist in providing more personalized content to specific segments of users.

With the help of a personalization feature, you will be able to serve your audience with more relevant content. The more specific you become, the more people you entice. By creating different versions of your pages, it will be way too easy for you to make an enormous impact on the market and increase your conversion rate.

You will come across a wide range of features within the platform, which makes your marketing work and levels up your online presence. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into some of its abilities.

Enhance Your Mobile Strategy –

It has been examined, mobile devices account for almost half of the web traffic. As per the data, in the first quarter of 2020, approximately 51% of the website was generated by mobile devices. Therefore, it is immensely important to consider these factors and turn your website into mobile-centric. With Sitefinity, you evade all of the hassles and get a mobile-optimized website at your fingertips without breaking into the sweat.

SEO Friendly –

This is one of the most demanding qualities when plumping for a website, which plays a major role in terms of marketing. Exploit the line-up of features proffered by the Sitefinity and make your SEO game uncomplicated. You will come across tons of features, which will help you skyrocket your SEO game such as SEO-friendly URLs, separate space for meta tags, title, descriptions optimizers, etc.

Appealing User-Interface —

The user-interface can make or break your website.Understanding the outright aspects of any CMS is not an easy task. With Sitefinity, it is pretty convenient to make changes every now and then. It’s like using your favorite social media platform and making various changes at your fingertips.

Social Media Friendly –

Exploit exceptional social media tools within the platform and engage with your audience with a swift. In order to spread out your messages to various social media platforms and share timely information, Sitefinity is more than enough. It makes you stand out from your rivals by keeping you closer with your passionate audience.

Integrated Google Analytics –

As a marketer, it is exceedingly essential to set your eyes on the analytics consistently. Tracking the most liked and the most ignored pages is a must, and Sitefinity allows you to get the picture of your analytics in no time. It works by adding the tracking code to each page, which makes your job easier and to examine everything at a fast pace.

And that’s not done, it has a lot more to offer to its users, which includes, seamless e-commerce integration, in-built email marketing campaign management, digital asset management, and the list goes on.

Web development has become highly competitive therefore you need to be very particular about what exactly you opt for. There is certainly a presence of tons of content management systems that might cost less in terms of prices. But there is no denying that none of them offers as many features as Sitefinity CMS. Investing in Sitefinity ensures no matter how much you expand your business, Sitefinity will never fail to stand on your expectations. Considering all of the points mentioned above, it will definitely be an easier job to decide between which platform fits your requirements the most.