Technology Made Simpler by DotNetNuke and Other Content Management Systems

If you’re into brick and mortar business or planning to go online, you need a fully functional website to communicate your message to your prospective customers. A beautifully designed website is quintessential to attract the customers and let them buy the products you’re selling. This will help your business grow immensely — when demand meets supply and profit is generated. You want to even make sure that your awesome team can edit and build the website on a real-time basis and do quality checks every time they upload an image or a video.

Are you a perfectionist and want to deliver the utmost value to your customers and ensure a seamless web experience? Do you want your customers to see your latest range of products on mobile devices? Do you want your fans to hang out together in a social community? Look no further, DotNetNuke will come to your rescue by providing you with an awesome content management system.

By the way, DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open-source web content management system based on Microsoft’s .Net technology and is one of the most popular CMS used for developing powerful websites and web applications. This content management system currently powers over 700,000 websites across the globe; thereby making it a perfect technology choice for developing websites. Besides, DNN provides various amazing features for developing, publishing, and managing the content of a web application with flexibility and scalability.

DotNetNuke is more commonly known as DNN, was developed to become an open-source software program, and many programmers have been known to use it for their web projects. DNN was originally written in the C# language, but it managed to exist under the VB.NET project through the years. The current version of DNN Is distributed commercially today under the DNN Evoq Content; also, with alternate editions called the DNN Evoq Engage.

Being a user-friendly platform, DNN helps you build small websites to large portals; simplifying the web content management process. Once the website is developed, it eliminates the need for professional web developers to make changes in the content of the website religiously.

Here are some of the key benefits and reasons to choose DNN and other content management systems:

Easy Installation

Unlike complicated computer programming languages and complex frameworks, DNN is very easy to install and integrate — even a person from a non-computer science background can operate the backend of the website. Even setting up the hosting space for a DNN website is like a piece of cake as the company provides relevant tools and support. Also, clients can generate, supervise, and publish web content without requiring any technical skill level.

Easy Website Administration

The website administration is so simple that a ten-year-old can easily administer the complete website and make necessary adjustments when needed. It’s that simple. You want to upload a piece of content — review, edit, and publish; you want to upload your range of products — upload from the computer and publish. There you go — all the published changes will be visible on the live website within a few seconds.


DNN is equipped with user-friendly features and is very easy to use. The website administrators, content managers, designers, and developers can simply manage websites with more ease and comfort. You can also make optimal use of advanced features for web designing, security, content management, etc. These features can be extremely powerful for businesses of all sizes. User management, email marketing, document management, multilingual ability, blog management, and more are included to help marketing and IT teams manage the website.

Localized Platform

It comes with a multi-language localization feature that helps web administrators to easily translate their websites into any preferred language. Also, with an international pool of developers working in the DotNetNuke environment, you can always find native yet professional support around the corner.

Flexibility & Scalability

DNN provides immense flexibility and scalability as it supports many websites from a single installation. The website administrator can also manage an unlimited number of websites along with its own content. Also, DNN provides an extensible framework through which the web applications can be developed with more scalability and additional features. You can even collaborate with your team members and allocate the tasks accordingly. All in all, you as a business owner, can make sure that the whole team is working together and scaling the business.

Unmatched Security

Cyber-attacks are most common these days; hackers can hack your website if it is not backed up with a solid security system. DNN focuses on validation, encryption, “bug tracking” and potential threats to build safe websites. When compared to other content management systems that may require third party application integration, DNN has an in-built security model built into the CMS architecture.

DotNetNuke Ensures True CMS Extensibility

Without a doubt, it can be said that DotNetNuke (DNN) is a perfect CMS that is built by considering the modules that can easily extend to ensure the functionality that clients need; potential to scale as the business grows. The DNN Store has plenty of modules that can suit almost every need of your business direction. Besides, this praiseworthy platform empowers everyone, including non-technical users, to be able to update content, select new modules, and simply keep the websites updated.

DNN has been concluded as the best CMS platform to cater to the needs of this digital technology era without any excess investment.