Why Build Your CRM (Customer Relationship management) Software
Customer Relationship management

More and more companies across different verticals and industries realizing the amazing advantages of customer relationship management (CRM), it is now the largest software market in the world.If statistics are to be believed, in the year 2019, 13 percent of companies chose CRM investments as a top sales priority. As we head towards the third quarter of 2020, we predict these positive trends to continue as more companies across the globe understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can impact their business’s bottom line.

The success of any business primarily depends on its relationship with the customers. Let it be an old customer who needs to be retained or a new customer who needs to be swayed, it all depends on the kind of relationship you build with them. To maintain such relationships and generate more revenue, you can use Customer relationship management (CRM).

CRM is a technique that controls all communications of a business with its customers in order to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. These communications include the interaction of a customer with various departments of an organization such as sales, marketing, support, or development team all brought under one roof to achieve a holistic view.

But, incorporating this technique in your business and adhering to its principles is a complex task. This is where Customer Relationship Management Software saves the day. These software allow you to keep tabs on all customer activities, individually and further equip you with the ability to identify the areas of improvement for your organization. The information included can be the customer’s details, meeting schedules, notes, tasks, and other interactions depending on the software you choose.

Worldwide CRM software revenue currently amounts to $40 billion, and this figure is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025.

Although there are numerous CRM software available in the market, there is no software that will fulfill all your needs. As a business with its own features and requirements, you need a solution that adapts to your needs rather than a solution that needs you to adapt to its use. This leads us to the concept of custom CRM software.

Analyzing the requirements for your business, the essential features, compatibility, and several other factors, you can choose to build your own CRM software and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Integration with other internal software

    The traditional CRM software can provide you as much customization as possible, but they can never be completely integrated into your regular working environment. The daily usage of internally built software defines the unique process followed by your team to complete their tasks. Having a custom-built CRM software will allow you to include the integration of those software.

    For example, if you have an internal software to track the work of your employees, you can integrate this software with your own CRM software to provide this information to the customer for complete transparency in billing. This will lead to a higher customer retention rate and a stronger customer relationship. Integrating such software will also drastically reduce the time you might otherwise spend in maintaining records at two different places.

  • Custom UI

    Software started out with the aim to ease up several complex tasks but over the years, the concept of user interfaces has introduced the need for friendly, easy-to-use software. While CRM software offers you various remarkable features it will not jazz up your mundane tasks. For that purpose, you will need your own user interface which adapts to your organization’s style.

    Building a custom CRM or having one built will allow you utmost control of what tabs to include, where to place them, what additional features you need, the color scheme, and a number of other features which are greatly responsible for keeping the employees engaged even in a task as boring as maintaining notes.

  • Makes you stand out of the crowd

    Every business recognizes the need for CRM software and every client evaluates a business on various factors, CRM being one of the top. Customers in the present times shift their services to other companies due to the smallest dissatisfaction in terms of service or support which is why all businesses have incorporated CRM software.

    Having a custom CRM software shows your customers that you are ready to go the extra mile when it comes to providing the best customer experience. It makes you stand out of the crowd and takes complete care of the customer interaction lifecycle.

  • Increase in productivity

    The main and most important reason behind having a custom CRM is to increase the productivity of your team. Imagine getting the best CRM software in the market and then spending numerous hours and training sessions making sure that your team can use it. You can avoid all the hassle by having your own custom CRM software.

    Focusing on the features crucial for your organization and providing a familiar easy-to-use platform for your employees, this custom software will increase the productivity of the team from day one. There won’t be a need for special sessions to understand its working, just a thorough introduction and it is good to go.

A Custom Customer Relation Management Software is a sure way for keeping your customers happy and your employees engaged. Building custom CRM software may seem like a costly affair but it is a one-time investment that has the potential to save you millions in the long run.