Why Your Business Needs an Intranet Portal
Why Your Business Needs an Intranet Portal

Information is the most powerful weapon and for businesses, keeping their information secured is the number one priority. This information includes their employee details, company policies, client details, internal confidential documents, etc. Saving all this data on internet-based storage possesses considerable risks along with other challenges. IBM found that the average cost of a single breach is $3.92 million, with some costing more than $10 billion.

This is where the need for intranet portals swoop in where intranet means a private network available only to authorized people and portal means a large and imposing gate or doorway. Therefore, the intranet portal is a gateway that allows authorized personnel to access the critical information and applications of an enterprise. It provides a personalized view of a business and helps manage internal data.

Increased productivity and more security for your data are just the top of a long list of benefits gained from the incorporation of an intranet portal in your business. For businesses with multi-location teams and remotely working employees, the intranet portal becomes even more essential. In such scenarios, a good intranet portal will lead to better collaboration among the employees and will act as a secure medium to share and store internal documents. It also brings transparency to the table with the integration of an attendance application.

Let us have a glance at some obvious yet noteworthy reasons for why your business needs an intranet portal.

  • Easy Collaboration

    Having your own intranet portal will pave the way for limitless collaborative work whether your team is in the same location or not. Your employees will be able to communicate freely; easily exchange ideas, strategies, designs, and documents; complete work together; interact with each other and remain aware of what each team is working on as quickly as they do in person.

  • Your personal search engine

    The intranet portal is used as a central one-stop shop for all the data and information of your organization. Employee documents, memberships, interests, attendance, a record of daily hours, modification history, portal access history, and other kinds of documents and records, everything is securely stored on your portal. It is unique to your business which means you can search about probably everything associated with your company.

  • Notifications and alerts

    An intranet portal has the feature of instant notifications wherein any modifications made by any employee of the organization will be notified at once to the authorized members on the portal. Through this, you will enjoy full control over every document in and out of your company.

  • Automation and Integration

    Most businesses already have a lot of internal applications like employee management, client management, resource management, and task management systems. They often feel having an intranet portal will be like having another software. But they are in for a treat. An intranet portal has the ability to integrate with all the applications in your business. Not just this, the portal also gives you immense control over these applications by automating the tasks, scheduling meetings, paying salaries, calculating salaries through integration with your attendance software, and sending emails in a predefined period.

  • Remote access

    Providing secured remote access to your employees is one of the greatest advantages of having an intranet portal. How often do your employees face challenges in interacting over skype messages, emails, WhatsApp, or calls along with a constant fear over the security of data sharing? Well, not anymore.

    Through an intranet portal, not only can your teams collaborate better but also your employees can communicate in a standard way even when working remotely. The next time your employee asks to work remotely due to any reason, you won’t need to spend another second on that thought. With an intranet portal, you will be able to easily manage remotely working employees.

  • Personalized Experience

    User experience is the most important factor that defines the overall success of an application. By having your own intranet portal, you will have the liberty to design it as per your business requirement. The intranet portals usually have a user-friendly interface. Unlike other software, employees won’t need to get special certifications and courses to learn how to operate the portal. Sooner rather than later, they become highly comfortable with the portal.


As you can see from the illustrations above, the overall productivity of your business is bound to incur considerable growth by implementing an intranet. The regular use of an intranet portal will introduce a better, standard way of communication among your employees along with managing your customers more effectively. It aids in finding the right information in a short time as compared to the unnecessary time spent in finding the same information by inquiring the employees one by one. It acts as a bulletin board for your company wherein you can make sure that each employee receives the corporate announcement regardless of their presence.

Above all, an intranet portal helps you define the leadership structure of your business, ensuring that everyone adheres to your instructions through remarkable access control based on roles. Apart from these, there are numerous potential benefits depending on your business needs which is why an intranet portal becomes a must-have for your business.