Is it worth adding Chat Feature in Your App?


August 24, 2017

Manish Patel

If your company has an Mobile Application, you may want to consider adding a chat feature. Chat features have become more robust and advantageous in recent years — and customers have come to expect them. There are many advantageous associated with these chat features, especially for companies looking to grow and to build their customer relationships.

What Are the Advantages of a Chat Feature?

Chat features are a convenient and cost-effective method of increasing customer interaction. Customers want to be able to get information quickly but they don’t always want to have to wait on the phone. If customers have the ability to connect through chat, they can get information at their leisure. Chat services are more affordable than maintaining a call center and they allow for the opportunity to stand out among the competition. Further, the data provided through a chat can be analyzed later on for information about customers and their needs.

How Can You Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Live Chat?

  • Consider your staff carefully. Your live chat staff may not be the same as your internal customer support. Live chat staff will likely need to work different hours, and they will need to be skilled in managing a live chat function — which often includes interfacing with multiple customers at the same time. Outsourcing is a good way to get staff members with this talent who are both affordable and effective.
  • Ensure that your chat is on brand. A generic chat service isn’t going to be able to develop your brand identity and keep and procure clients the way that you want it to. You want your support staff to be able to accurately reflect the tone of your company.
  • Integrate your chat into your sales strategy. Your chat support should be able to direct users to areas where they can get more information and (hopefully) engage more with the brand. This additional sales strategy will aid in boosting your customer relationships while also improving upon revenue.

Customers have come to expect live chat services for many organizations. By providing these services, companies can reduce their expenses and make it easier for their customers to get the information they need. Live chats have very few downsides and many benefits, making them a good bet for most companies.

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