Magento 2 Home Page Design Guide

Most customers judge a website from its homepage. Therefore, a homepage is like the face of a brand. In order to leave a lasting impression on your customers, your homepage needs to be designed in the best way following the best practices. Even a small change in color or text in your Magento 2 home page design can greatly affect your business.

However, optimizing a Magento 2 home page design is not easy. You need to be acquainted with the best practices and understand the appropriateness of these practices in your business. While a bespoke solution is needed for the utmost success, we have compiled a list of best practices for your Magento 2 home page design as a part of our Magento 2 development guide.

1.   Simple is Best

The most common mistake made by businesses while choosing their Magento 2 home page design is that they tend to display too much information in a fancy way. While the interface may seem astonishing, it may not be the best interface for a customer. Keeping the interface simple by design and displaying only useful information ensures that your Magento 2 home page design leaves a permanent impression on your customer. A simple design will not include unnecessary animations or irrelevant buttons.

2.   Display Information, Not Data

If a customer is unable to find the information they are looking for, they will leave your website. Therefore, your Magento 2 home page design should always be customer-centric and display the data that the customer is looking for. Information such as the product line, navigation, offers, and contact details should be easily accessible on the home page.

The availability of your social media accounts on your home page can also help in increasing the engagement of the customer. Integrating these accounts in your Magento 2 home page design is recommended. This will help you create a personal relationship with the customers as social media platforms have become an essential part of our lives. Moreover, the information that you could not display on the home page can be displayed on the social media pages. This will facilitate a constant interaction with the customer beyond the scope of your website.

3.   Be Unique

No matter which domain you belong to, thousands of competitors have their own Magento 2 development guide. Keeping your Magento 2 home page design unique is a sure way to make you stand out. A well-researched design with a simple yet powerful UI and UX will allow your business to thrive. Uniqueness is not restricted to just designs. You can provide offers and several other features as a part of being unique.

4.   Proper Navigation

Your Magento 2 home page design should have a proper structure. It should be designed smartly so that the customer gets drawn towards completing the buying process. Your Magento 2 website home page design is essentially divided into two parts. One is the part that appears as soon as the customer visits the home page. The second part becomes visible when the person scrolls down. Both these parts have their respective significance.

The first part is the preface for your business and should provide essential information such as logo, navigation bar, product intro, and more. The second part should be about your brand and its activities. It should engage the customer with your brand and instill trust among the customers. Generally, the contact information and integration of social media accounts are present at the page footer.

5.   Using CTAs

CTAs or call-to-actions are the best way to engage the customer on your website. For a Magento 2 home page design, CTAs are an essential component. They convey the right information to the customers at the most appropriate time. CTAs can be present in the form of buttons or popups. They should be designed with a primary focus on delivering a concise message to the customer.

6.   Essential Buttons

A Magento 2 home page design is incomplete without the essential buttons. The most common ones are the Sign-Up and Login buttons. Chat buttons or popups have also become very popular in this category. Subscription buttons also fall in this category. Getting the email of the customer by giving him a choice of subscribing to your newsletter can be very beneficial. If you have the email of the customer, you can provide information regarding any offers or promote your products through the newsletter.

7.   Hero Content

Hero Content has become a de facto component in most Magento 2 home page designs. Every Magento development company recommends Hero Content. This is the content that is displayed directly when a customer visits your home page. It is usually represented as an image with a button and some attractive text.

While it lacks information regarding the company, Hero Content is generally aimed at making it easy for the customer to use your services without going through the information of your brand. However, using Hero Content can have its downfall if not done properly.

8.   Product Slider

Until now, all the features mentioned are the in-built features of Magento 2. However, a product slider is a feature that requires extra effort in development but is worth it. Product sliders have become so popular that they are used in a majority of Magento 2 websites. They are one of the most interactive features to display the products. From a customer’s perspective, product sliders are easy to use which is why they love them.

Understanding the need for different components allows you to create the perfect Magento 2 home page design. Every Magento 2 development company has its own Magento 2 development guide to provide a bespoke website but the aforementioned tips can be useful for any business.